• What have we been up to?

    For a long time I’ve wanted to put up some kind of a projects/presentations page. We’re usually pretty busy and don’t always have time to talk about what we’re up to, but we are always writing code and always making good progress.

    Tumblr finally has a github page to keep people up to date on some of the things we’re working on, as well as presentation from engineers here.

    I’ve also gone ahead and put in a 'Coming Soon' section highlighting some of the things we’re planning on releasing in the very near future.

    I hope that over the coming months we’ll be releasing more and more of the great stuff we’ve been building here at Tumblr. And of course, the documentation repo is open source as well.

    Thanks to Chris Aniszczyk at Twitter for being such a tremendous open source advocate over there and inspiring us to release early and often. I also borrowed much of their docs code, so thanks for that as well.

    Keep an eye out for new stuff on this blog and through the github pages.